DAGAMBA fuse the musical cultures to form a unique and powerful sound. Exploring previously unchartered musical territory to create a vivid and dynamic performance. Their music, arranged by Valters Puce and Dainis Tenis, is equally impressive both when playing Beethoven or rocking out to Led Zeppelin. Their performance is a mix of the
world, rock, pop and classical music. 

Special sound and non- forgettable vitality, academic education and rebellious spirit, masterly possession of classical instruments and spectacular rhythms   – DAGAMBA invite you to enjoy spectaculous music performance.

International band DAGAMBA based in Latvia was established in 2011 by highly skilled academic musicians Valters Puce [cello] and his childhood friend Anton Trocjuk [cello]. Their super creative experiments with different kind of genres as well as passion of music attracted Iranian percussionist Hamidreza Rahbaralam [daf, setar, voice] and Lithuanian pianist Dainis Tenis [piano] to join.